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I finally used my VA token on a ship and choose the Exploration Cruiser Retrofit for my Engineer.

I really like it, but I had the darnedest time deciding what to put on that 3 Eng seat.

Here is what I have for the other seats

Com Eng
EP to Wep I - DEM I - Aux to Bty II - Ej Wp Plasma III

Lt Com Eng
EP to Shld I - Rev Shld Pol I - Eng Team III

Lt Sci (anti-borg) \ (Norm)
Pol Hull I - Scam Sen I \ Jam Sen I - Scam Sen I

Lt Tac
Targ Shld I - FAW II

I tried another EP to Shld and also EP to Wep but the cooldowns were in the way. I'm running Eng Team I which I generally use to help repair my saucer and teammates, is that my best option or is there something else I should try. I really wish that last seat was sci or universal.


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