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# 1 Engineer pvp set up
09-26-2011, 01:37 PM
I'm basically new to the game,i played a bit in the beta & after game launch. i'm coming back with afresh start,not to say i got to higher levels i really didnt lol. but after reading some of the forums. i've learned some things. but i have some specific questions.

Going down the Eng path. what are good pvp set ups also when it comes to skills. what is best and more so needed to be a good pvp player in a cruiser. of course skill plays a huge roll. i know that. but as far as equip and skill points are concerned. whats highly recommended? especially when it comes to character builds,with respect to what im aiming at.i had an idea way back then,but things have most likely changed over time. so any and all knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

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