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09-27-2011, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by DogsBody
Just to be absolutely clear, since it isn't from your post above. SS isn't something you can use to find cloaked ships, it is something that enables your enemy to see your allies cloaked ships (and you if you cloak). So in your example of the SS spamming player above, he would not get to see you while cloaked but you would get to see his cloaked allies.

i.e. If a red team player scrambles a blue team player. The blue team player can now see (and shoot at) any cloaked red team ships that are in range, you have effectively switched of your allies cloaking devices by firing off scramble sensors.

This bug is believed to originate from scramble sensor's mechanic, which when you are hit with it, makes everyone else show as ally, which is why you can heal the enemy while scrambled and thus why you can see their cloaked ships - because you can always see cloaked allies.

This bug while being highly annoying to KDF players (since more of them fly cloaking ships than Fed do players), makes scramble sensors the only power (that I am aware of) that can benefit your enemy when you fire it on them and is long overdue a fix.
Thanks for the fine explanation.
Now to find out how I was spotted (while cloaked) by one of my opponents at 20km.....

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