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09-28-2011, 01:44 AM
like i said in my OP, im a newb and meeshka is a bigger newb xD ive been playing roughly 230 days and he (meeshka [we are both guys irl ]) has been playing for less than 50 days. ive been crafting the best gear that i can on my main for us so that may be why we were able to survive like we did, but otherwise first time ive EVER been in a 3 man group that wanted to TRY it and actually WON lol. but we did a rly good job of using the cover shield and knowing when to get behind cover and what not. only had a couple times where we almost got wiped due to the aoe dot from Becky but i was able to get heals out and revives
another factor may be we are use to avoiding dots and aoe's like that cuz we have plenty of practice from swg but that's just my opinion on why we won

my ego in this game just went up by 42 points
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09-28-2011, 03:12 AM
Originally Posted by SmeagolSneak View Post
Often an STF pro friend of mine has to Solo Rebecca.
I've had to solo Rebecca before. Its really easy as a Science captain.
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09-28-2011, 06:20 AM
Two guys did it already:

Guess there's a thread in this forum, too:
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09-28-2011, 06:49 AM
Originally Posted by kjk91 View Post
ok so idk if this has been done before or not, but considering that i myself (@kjk91) am pretty much a newb, my friend (@Teh-Deva) is a bigger newb, and having now idea what game experience @CPT.Augusta has, we pretty much owned, pwned, and everything in between.

now remember, I used my science toon who is only an RA upper 2 (i have a VA eng), meeshka was the same (RA upper 2 tactical) and @CPT.Augusta was a VA eng.

so tl;dr version = 2 UA (medic and tactical) and 1 VA eng beat infection in a 3 man group.

now, also we did have a full group (full names of group below) but after about 3 fails in the deeper 2 of them left. leaving only 3 people to finish this.

full group was....
darwin@thehatecrusader - tactical (left)
kid@Aidan_storm - tactical (left)
novem@CPT.Augusta - engineer
meeshka@Teh-Deva - tacitcal
ilyda@kjk91 - science

proof you say? here you are my friends.
Congrats! Enjoy the glory you have given to your name!

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