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# 1 Tutorial serious problem
09-29-2011, 11:18 PM
First of all, I want to comment how I think that giving us the possibility to jump over the tutorial has made more for the replayability of STO than anything else ever.

But There are some problems in the tutorial itself which I want to comment. Some have been commented already, but as I have more, I'll repeat them so it is noted that more people has got the same concerns.

I've started the beta trying to look at the game as if it was the first time I played it, and I've found the first minute of the game to be an extrewmely frustrating endeavour.

1st, there I am, with lots of menus around my screen but unable to reach them because I'm in FPS mode. No text anywhere tells me how to reach my mouse cursor yet, the window giving me orders says I have to hit the EN key to know what to do next, but that doesn't work (Te correct button is "."). I got frustrated very very quickly and started changing to RPG mode (breaking my auto imposed "I'm a new player" rule, because I hadn't been told how to do so yet) only so that I could go through the tutorial ASAP.

I must insist. I wasn't even able to give my first report to begin playing without leaving shooter mode, and that means first time players will get frustrated before they can do anything at all, and we arean't teached to hit "b" to find our cursor untill right after that.

I think that giving "," and "." the standard buttons for moving through the help notes is a very big mistake. You have just said the player he is going to control the game with a FPS layout, and those two keys are too far away from where he'll have any hand at the moment.

I also think that telling the player how to get control over the mouse and back to FPS should be the FIRST thing of them all. Much more important than telling him how to look and move around and such, mainly because moving and interacting is done as in many other games, but getting control over the mouse cursor is not something a FPS game does often.

Many players will want to mess with their video configuration and keyboard layout the first thing of them all, or will want to mess around to see what everything is before they are told, but they can't because they don't know how to reach the cursor untill they have managed to go through part of a frustrating situation.

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