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# 1 Red Alerts and missions
09-30-2011, 09:34 AM
So ya...I'm playing my Lt. Cmdr Sci Capt. For the last 2 days Red Alerts pop up, I accept them, get in group and it's a wipe fest for us. Maybe it's because we are in lower level zones and people don't have all the skills they do as a RA/VA or higher ranks which is fine but honestly I'm probably not going to participate in them any more. It's not fun to constantly die all over the place, shoot for a goal and never attain it (killing the flagship). I have completed this on my klingon character which is a lower level, a few times so I'm not sure what's up with that but ya, not fun.

Also what's up with all the bugs going on? Last night couldn't complete a mission due to it just stopping mid stream, had an issue like that the day before and today after this Red Alert I move on to my next and get to the system and hit F, also click to enter and it just keeps popping back up and not allowing me to enter.

Cryptic.....I just renewed this account for another 3 months....what's going on over there? Way to many issues for a couple of days to enjoy a game imho.

Maybe I shouldn't be doing Red Alerts yet? I'm not sure but if something is offered to players, meaning everyone that's in a zone and it's of a certain level then it needs to adjust to the group that's in it, not just be all out blow you up everywhere and you can't get it done.

Very frustrtaing, wondering if I wasted my money here.
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# 2
09-30-2011, 02:54 PM
Good teamwork should still allow low-level players the ability to complete the Borg RAs.

When players are first entering the instance, try to form teams. That'll make it easier to see who needs shield & hull heals, etc. It will also maximize the amount of skill points each person in the team can get for each Borg ship destroyed. To counter Assimilate Ship and the Borg's shield drain ability, the Science power Hazard Emitters is your friend.

While eliminating the four groups prior to the command ship, I'd recommend avoiding any group involving a Tactical Cube. Those are more difficult to defeat than normal Cubes. When fighting Cubes, try to keep the group's fire focused on on side. If possible, try to focus on groups that are only Probes and Spheres; that'll make it easier too.

Once the command ship has arrived, immediately take out the Regeneration probes. From there, focus only on Regen Probes and the Energy Blasts; ignore the other Probes as best you can. Focus the group's fire on one specific side of the command ship.

For additional advice, check out the REDALERT Global Channel thread and How to Win Borg Red Alert DSEs.

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