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Firstly, I played the tutorial with the mindset of someone new to the game (it's been a while since I played the tutorial on holodeck, so it wasn't too difficult ) As a 'new' player, there are some vital tips/help missing from the tutorial. Secondly, I work in the software industry and writing training/tutorial manuals is my day job, so I may seem a little fanatical (or petty) here

1. PIck-ups
This isn't covered in the tutorial. Pick-ups are an essential part of the game and needs to be explained to new users: How to get picksups, Need/Greed/Pass options in a team, how to use/equip items, Selling unwanted items to either vendors or on the exchange. It should also include a reference to banking items. Suggest adding a 'mission briefing' with one of the vendors/commodity traders to inform the player.

2. Anomalies
What are they and where are they found. When I started, I had no idea what they're for, so I sold them to vendors/commodity traders. If I'd know I could use them to craft, I would have kept them. Suggest adding a 'mission briefing' with one of the vendors/commodity traders to inform the player. Also, how to play the anomaly mini-game.

3. Ships (General)
As a 'new' player, I would find it extremely frustrating that my ship moves/turns slow, when the enemy has no such issue. Although how to move the ship is covered in the tutorial, there needs to be an explanation on different ship tiers and how skills/consoles impact on ship systems (maneuverability, engines, shields, etc.)

Other than that, I actually like all the 'little' changes to the tutorial. Coming in as new player, this games seems like fun.

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