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Realizing that I wanted to change up some of my attribute pics and skill selections, but not wanting to waste C-Points on a toon that will be gone once the play test is over, I deleted my toon and started over.

On doing so, I made the happy discovery that I could bypass the tutorial if I chose to do so, or could continue from the point where the new toon appeared. I chose to do the later, wanting to see the new tutoral areas with the lower graphics settings I needed to get rid of the strange red glare that I had earlier reported had replaced every bit of shading effect.

This is where the bug comes in: despite choosing NOT to bypass the tutorial, nobody was offering any tutorial missions and i could not leave the deck, let alone the ship! This needs to be addressed before the F2P is released.

On the plus side, when i deleted the toon again and decided to actually bypass the tutorial this time, i was pleasently suprized to find myself quickly moved to Starfleet Academy, where a few Go-to missions available there quickly raised me to Lieutenant 2 (about the level one would be if they had gone through the tutorial). It was fast and fun, and let me get right into the thick of normal missions. Plus it utilized the Academy, which some of us had been wondering why it was there if there were no missions for it.

Now, while I still suggest possibly puting some sort of diplomatic missions there for higher levels to enjoy (perhaps a "guest speaker" mission or Academy intrigue, possibly for Lieutenants or Lieutenant Commanders to do), I think what has been done with the Academy so far is very worthwhile. So, good job!

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