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I saw that they released the New tutorial on tribble. I started play and wow it was awesome. You are in the sick by you go out the doors to a hallway(yeah the door opened) then you go to the turbo lift and again the door open after you go to the bridge and transfer to the next ship all the doors and turbo lift doors have no animation. To me the beginning of the tutorial and the seemsless animation on the doors and turbolift gives alot of immersion in to the world but once i see a flashing door and no animation to me it stops the immersion. I hope they can add more of the door animation to going in to the room but if the door is a turbo lift please add an animation and a turbolift room instead of a flashing door.

over all the tutorial is great keep up the good work.

ps i didnt know where to post this but i posted it here since it was in tribble.

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