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# 1 Notable issues
10-03-2011, 09:51 PM
I have compiled a list of issues in Tribble which I have encountered. I am also aware that other people may have reported them but those posts may be lost in the flood and only the search tool can find them.

Exploration Mission map geometry still bugged
* My bridge officers can still spawn uderground relative to my location and "die", or spawn up on a high surface with no way down. This means they can't help me in certain ground missions for the exploration zones.

Chroniton Torpedo Launcher Mk V missing its icon
* It appears as a blank white rectangle for an icon. See this screenshot:

Loading ESD takes ages
* Loading stalls near 95%. Even if it has patches to download, it will slow way down. It even took nearly 15 minutes to finish loading at one point.

In-game ticket system times out
* Self explanatory. Trying to submit a bug report ticket in-game doesn't work, it just times-out.

Exploration Cluster "sector space" data sample anomalies are broken.
* All scannable anomalies in "sector space" exploration maps like Delta Volanis don't award players with data samples as they are supposed to. You get nothing for playing that little wave matching minigame.

Can't set fullscreen resolution to desktop resolution.
* On this borrowed computer my screen resolution maxes at 1366x768. In-game the fullscreen resolution stops at 1360x768. Trying to set it to 1366x768 makes the screen go blank (except for the cursor) and it stays like that indefinately until you kill the game proccess (after which it resets back to 1360x768).

"War is Good For Buisness" loads a blank map.
* Okay it doesn't really load a blank map. It looks that way when you warp into Starbase 114, staring at a large blackness with just your ship and the HUD. As soon as you start to move the map loads up in full and you can proceed with the mission as normal. See screenshot:


I reserve some space to add more if I see them.

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