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I thought you were suppose to get better drop for playing on Elite (and Advanced)? I have been playing on Elite since I finished the tutorial, except for 1 mission, and I have gotten 1 uncommon drop for 15 levels (I'm now at LC6). Is this the way it is suppose to work at lower levels?
Am I the only person seeing this?

Could the Devs please look into this ..... Thanks!
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10-04-2011, 02:30 PM
Drops at the lower levels are virtually always common. So you've gone from virtually never anything better to almost never anything better. I would suggest that they up the rarity across the board a bit especially since they started giving blue and purples so easily for some other things like fleet actions. Well, at least past Lt. when you can actually get the purple weapons you draw.
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10-04-2011, 02:33 PM
The difference shows up if you dig up one of those foundry missions with swarms of fighters in shield-disabling nebulas and slaughter them with well placed tricobalts... But, even at higher levels, blue and purple drop rates are low enough that even on elite, they're really low.

i agree though, they should up drop rates. Blues and purples aren't that hard to come by, but only if you do certain things. They've managed to marginalize loot as a source of loot.

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