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This mission in Particular was in Zeta Astronomae, where a 3 Day Host Multcultural Religious Symposium mission was given. Says I do not have any Security DOFFs, yet I have 3 non-assigned Security DOFFs available for missions.

If there is a specific type of Security DOFF needed, it does not say, it just says, "Security Officer".

Second Bug non DOFF related I thought I post here as well.

A couple of missinons do not continue with the new mission layout.

1) Guardian of Forever's transition to Past Imperfect. With the old system, players could continue immediately to Past Imperfect, but the new one, players get stuck and confused.

2) War Games to Shutdown, The lack of a Hail button and other missions grayed out, makes people think they are stuck or bugged. But yet the mission requires them to go to DS9. There needs to be somekind of notification.

3) Seeds of Decent, until players actually get to that mission, everytime they approach DS9 they are given the popup to beam over the replicators.

These are a few missions that need to be tweeked for the new system.

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