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Just a quick thought I had. In one of the dev posts they stated we would be getting raw dillthium ore we would then have ot process in to refined dillithium. Intially at a station on ESD etc but there was suggestion of have being able to do it on your ship and increasing yields with duty officers.

I had this though to take it one step further. Let us acqure aateroid rubble that we could then process for dillithium ore and eventually into refined dillithium.

How to acquire asteroid rubble:

1) random destroyable asteroids throughout all the mission systems. destroy the asteroid and beam aboard the rubble.

2) scanning anomolies. just add it to the anomoly tables.

3) Additional rewards from mission with asteroid miners in it (there are quite a few of these)

4) Through trading within in the duty officer system.

How it would work.

Asteroid rubble to come in ton increments.

one ton of asteroid rubble would yield x amount of ore based on the succes tables.

Actual amounts are not suggest since I have no clue of the dillithium economy.

I just think this would be a different route to acqurie dillithium.

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