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So I've been predominantly working on Military Doff assignments and have decided to post some oddities or rough spots of this specific field of the doff system.

First, it really does seem military assignments are rarer than any other assignment. During a 4 hour period, I'll usually come across 2 if I'm lucky. Sometimes it's different and I'll come across a nice chunk, but anything more than 3 or 4 during a 4 hour period is lucky!

It would also seem that some of the sectors seem military mission-less. I've rarely found anything outside of Eta Eridani and Pi Canis. Sometimes I'll come across a random one in another sector, but again, it's very rare.

Military assignments onboard your ship are intensely harder to fulfill than other assignments. For example, I currently have one at this moment called "Security Training Exercise" that lasts 45 minutes for 8 points. Not too terrible! However it requires the following: Security Officer, Assault Squad Officer, Armory Officer, Security Officer, Security Officer, Security Officer. This seems a bit much, and way too specific for 8 points. I can't say for certain on other assignments, but looking over what I currently have available, no other assignment requires that many specific officers.

I do know that the military option is suppose to be 'big rewards for big risk" and that part is fine. It is always a bit nerve racking when the assignments are due up, hoping no one is sent to the sick bay, but it really does seem that military is also "Assignments with very specific requirements with a very large amount of doffs needed.". Most assignments, minus the ones where you send supplies, usually cost 5 doffs to send.

I'm not sure of the fix for this, but maybe there doesn't need to be one if this is how they want to have military, but if that is the case, a few more assignments available in the world would be nice!

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