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# 1 Mission: Everything Old is New
10-05-2011, 09:49 PM
Mission: Everything Old is New

Location: The entirety of the mission, Everything Old is New.

Frequency: Unknown. I have only participated in one runthrough.

  • Security patrols throughout the station do not behave as they do on Live, often getting stuck or refusing to move, save for an individual. One example of this occurred after you use the Jeffries tube. The security patrol in the room immediately to your right only sends one officer out of five across and back.

  • The friendly security team commanded by Lieutenant Simien is not offering any dialogue, just an option to attack, despite not having shot anyone.

  • Shooter: On some occasions, enemy patrols are not properly displaying their health bars. It seems Shooter mode seemly gets stuck on a target and refuses to let go.

  • Shooter: WASD leaping requires several attempts to activate and, in many cases, refuses to do so.

  • Mission Objectives window refuses to scroll, causing it to shudder violently (especially noticeable in the Down to the Bones segment).

  • Some Female Walk cycles have the arms move out of sync with the lower body.

  • One of my officers when about to enter the Generator room near the end of the mission decided her place was down the leftmost corridor through a door that won’t open and refused to leash on her own.

  • The stats and bonuses for the rewards for the mission do not reflect the modifiers the items have on them (suchas Dmg or Dmg x2).
Relevant hardware/OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, ATI Radeon 6970, ATI Catalyst 11.9.

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