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Collected List of Issues and Concerns

  • Biography at Character Creation does not display the blinking text insertion cursor.

  • Received ‘Cannot find channel "Teamid_Holodeck4437116".’ error when attempting to speak to my team initially. I had to re-select the Team dropdown in the chat window. My default team tap defaults to speaking in Team.

  • Could not submit bug report. Received a windows-ME-like dialog that stated the bug submission timed out.

  • Tooltips when you mouse over planets and systems in sector space are appearing under the references to other players, not above.

  • Match level graphic (the icon of two individuals standing side by side) is stretched when activated.

  • Portraits do not load until you are in-range of your comrade.

  • When you are Sidekicking and out of range, you receive the message, “{UNTRANSLATED: SideKicking.MaxRangeNoLink}”

  • Warp out animations when angled at a planetary body or some obstacles need to gracefully alter your vessel’s heading at the impulse speed they are travelling at (and at 1/4 impulse if they are not at speed) instead of freezing you in space, turning you as if you are some kind of knob, and then having you warp out. The improvements to character animations make this kind of transition stand out all the more.

  • The Mission Progress tracker does not automatically scroll to the bottom when new information is made available. This is especially jarring when in Shooter mode as you have to swap OUT of Shooter mode to find out what your newest objective is.

  • Tailor: Mousing over recent colour pick has a tooltip display it as “$00” and it only displays the most recent pick.
Relevant hardware/OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, ATI Radeon 6970, ATI Catalyst 11.9.
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# 2
10-01-2011, 11:34 PM
Additional Details:
  • Bug Reporting System: Still times out when submitting bugs.

  • Particle traces and related crafting materials have the option of “equipping” when right-clicked which they cannot do.

  • You cannot right-click an item from your inventory into a bank slot.

  • There are no shortcuts for loot roll windows in Shooter mode.

  • Equipping a battery when you have one of the same type already equipped de-equips the other battery to add this new one.

  • Researcher Rescue: When my teammate picks up the Fire Extinguisher, I erroneously receive help text stating I picked up a device when this is not true.

  • Deep Space Encounter – Regulus: Received message from Ops that I had performed admirably and the Gorn presence had been reduced thanks to my efforts while I had 'Gorn Squadrons Defeated 2/8' in my mission objectives.

  • Hide and Seek: There was an odd pause then a prompt to warp to Lackey III, something we had just accomplished.

  • Hide and Seek: Draguas Cruiser lodged itself into the base we had to beam dilithium out of. (screenshot)

  • Stop the Signal: Warp to Bomari II did not have any audio.

  • Stop the Signal: Klingons, after the destruction of the Undine vessel, behave oddly and spin in place a few times before becoming settled.

  • Una System Patrol: My keybinds on my tray disappeared. Swapping each tray restored them.

  • Koolhaas System Patrol: Their sun appears through the planet.

  • Date does not display in mail interface despite the fact that one can still accurately sort by date.

  • Mail icon is lit and pulsing green despite having no mail to read.

  • Starting a medical officer, I could not move after performing a /ui_load until after it gave me the options for learning about WASD.
Relevant hardware/OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, ATI Radeon 6970, ATI Catalyst 11.9.
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# 3
10-02-2011, 10:38 PM
Additional Details:
  • Sirius sector border says ‘klingon’ when you approach it from Memory Alpha. Additionally, my ship at the sector border continues to turn upon its axis of its own volition for no discernible reason. I am at zero impulse power.

  • Starbase 24 Rescue: Cannot enter Starbase 24 to accomplish Starbase 24 Rescue. The objective, ‘Reach the Station’ refused to resolve. I have sat on the saucer and tried to insert myself into the soft underbelly however, not once, was I prompted to beam down. I have been out of combat the entire time.

  • Admiral Quinn still refers to a ship plaque when he awards Refined Dilithium.

  • Energy Weapon Systems Damage reports its -2 to Weapon Power Setting as -2.0000000000000.

  • Tier 2 Escort: Cannot move stock Phaser Dual Cannons II from one slot on my fore weapons to another. I am currently a Lieutenant Commander 1 with skillpoints pending. Irregardless of my pending skillpoints, it should not disallow the action if I am able to purchase this ship. Also, once de-equipped, I can no longer re-equip the Phaser Dual Cannons II. Beaming up to my ship, I was able to re-equip the cannon.

  • Pico System Distress Call: Your initial warp-in takes you through solid rock.

  • Deep Space 9: Weaponmaster Targosk has inherited Ahnya-Maahlia’s desire to dance and she has inherited his stoicism.

  • Deep Space 9: Some civilian crewmen are standing and emotiong on benches while others are sitting through the floor, observing them.

  • Deep Space 9: When you ask Commander Adina Charles for ‘Info’, she informs me that she has missions for me despite, on the prior screen, her indicating she has no missions for me. I am encountering her at Lieutenant Commander 1 rank.

  • Deep Space 9: In Quark’s bar at 78 -1018 -210, you can turn to face the bar and see nothing but blackness. The room beyond refuses to render until you step into it.
Relevant hardware/OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, ATI Radeon 6970, ATI Catalyst 11.9.
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# 4
10-04-2011, 09:26 PM
Additional Details:
  • Shooter: In combat with the Targeting reticle on, it takes several attempts of pushing W to actually roll forward.

  • Skirmish: My Rigelian Science BOff when aboard the Axon took it upon herself to run to the start of the level with no prompting by me at all. (screenshot)

  • Bug Reporting System: This has been timing out for MONTHS. Please fix it once and for all.

  • PvE Queues: Default UI arrangements has the amount of players in a queue entirely cut off.

  • Diplomatic Orders: One of the Klingon women during the cutscene after the reveal answered with “Yes sir” in a very masculine voice.

  • Diplomatic Orders: Cutscene test with “Bothersome creatures/insignificant beings’ should end in a ! whereas the one stating Klingons doing the work for him should just end with a period, not a question.

  • Deep Space K-7: A unknown Captain is answering the hail to dock.

  • Dropdown menus are sticky and often select the wrong thing initially. This is especially notable when adjusting colours on your uniform.

  • What Lies Beneath: cannot sprint with flashlight activated.

  • What Lies Beneath: On occasion, Personal Shields forget how to regenerate out of combat. Re-entering and leaving combat tends to resolve the issue.

  • Sirius sector border says ‘klingon’ when you approach it from the Kassae sector.
Relevant hardware/OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, ATI Radeon 6970, ATI Catalyst 11.9.
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# 5
10-05-2011, 09:50 PM
Additional Details:
  • Skills: Medical Tricorder I lists the base power as restoring +57 hit points. If you invest enough skillpoints to rank the ability from 1 to 2, the hit points restored drops from +57 to +36. At rank 9, it states the power will restore +51 hit points at most.
Relevant hardware/OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, ATI Radeon 6970, ATI Catalyst 11.9.

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