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Ok i have posted this in another area but it's my list of issues with the F2P model at the moment.

1. that we are rail roaded into missions

2. you can't afford to Equip your ship and after LTC you can't afford the ship ( thats right can't afford the ship your in the federation that abolised money over 400 years ago) so now the federation has become Dilithum ferengi's.

3. the Doff system. ok can't recruit doffs i have used my C store sifen on more Doff's so that i can maybe get to the 3rd tier to get the reward.

4. there is a chance after i have worked up to 51 and done all this i'll lose the character when the wipe the system is that really worth only having fed rewards for getting the 51 and then having to go throught the klingons and suffer there leveling to get the same thing for there side. Really, your kidding right.

5.Refining Dilithium: again this makes no sense setting a limit to refining ore maybe limit refining on your ship but if your on a space station you should be able to refine as much as you want. looking at the maths on the form to get enough ore refined to outfit a VA ship and Away team will take 400 days. thats not including the time it takes to earn the ore required, which unlike the old merits you don't get each mission only throught Grinding dailies

6. STF these are now more annoying as you can't guarantee that you will get any salvage to work towards your new STF rewards. which means playing the STF's over and over and over again till you get enought salvage to turn into requisitions that can then buy one part of the kit.

7. The lack of energy credits, playing on the tribble server i have noticed that i'm lacking energy credits, on Holo i didn't have much only 2 million credits spread over 6 characters so far on tribble i've managed to pull together 12,000 EC's. it seems like missions are missing EC's and (merits)Dilithium now. so you only get XP and a item. which in most cases won't help you outfit your ship or away team.

8. The lack of Dilithium: with this being the thing that Buys BO, training, ships, Ground and Ship eqiupment, you would think there was more ways to get the stuff. i know this is linked to 5 and 7 slightly

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