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Procuring Dilithium

I can sense the many captains who are now ready to go fill their cargo holds with Dilithium. So, how do you acquire this rare and valuable commodity?

There is currently only one way to earn Refined Dilithium directly, which is on rank-up. Each time a character is promoted to a new rank, there will be an award of Refined Dilithium granted to that character.

There are many ways to earn Dilithium Ore, which can then be refined. Here are just a few of the ways available to do so. This is not a complete list.
■Exploration: Starfleet officers of Lieutenant 4 (level 4) or higher can do a daily exploration mission that rewards Dilithium Ore. Starfleet Lieutenants can contact Lieutenant Grall and then explore three unknown systems in the Delta Volanis cluster. KDF Lt. Commanders should start out by hailing Lieutenant Atonone to get their exploration mission. As officers advance, additional exploration missions open up.

I accepted the mission after the last patch. I am a Commander 5. NO Dilithium.

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