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# 1 KDF Mirror Event
10-07-2011, 01:24 PM
Forgive me if I haven't named the event correctly, but this thread is feedback for the KDF version of the Mirror Universe Incursion event.

Last night, at around midnight central time, I jumped in the queue for the KDF Mirror Universe event. This is the event where your team is tasked with destroying a particular Terran Empire ship. Our target was the Terran version of the Dreadnaught cruiser. Before it spawns, we had to destroy four battle groups, and as an optional objective, destroy four escort groups. Seems simple enough.


1. Overall: Fun. There are a few problems, but I did enjoy this event. It was fun to jump into a battle with other players quickly and have a small event and task to complete.

2. Scaling? I couldn't tell what level this event was happening at, or if we scaled to meet the level of the event. I know that our team consisted of all starter level BOPs. We were outclassed. The Terran Stargazer ships were unloading on us with Torpedo spreads and the like, and there wasn't much to be done to stand up to them. The target ship unloaded a gravity well (I think it was a gravity well) on us that pretty much crippled everyone in a few seconds.

3. Spawn Points. This is a major issue. It doesn't take long for the Terran ships to drift to the spawn points for the mission. As they unload torpedo spread after torpedo spread on you, you are respawning only to be bombarded again. All you can really do is fire off everything you can before you blow up again and wear them down a bit. It then becomes a bit manageable.

4. Level Restrictions. This point really builds off the last two. This mission should probably have some sort of entry level barrier. Lower level ships can do it, but they are dealing with a lot of spawn camping from the Terran Empire, and that part just isn't fun. Higher level players with more skills, better equipment, better BOff powers, and better ships would have a much better time in these instances.

5. Rewards. The rewards seemed appropriate. 1400+ dilithium and a blue level appropriate item seemed like a fair reward for the event.

Conclusion: The event has real potential. I liked the idea and the short backstory. However, it needs some tweaking to be really enjoyable.

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