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10-07-2011, 08:12 PM
Originally Posted by Krell83

How many times was it stated in these 300 some posts, that the Removal of the Free Ship on Promotion is BAD Move.

I think I may edit this later with as many quotes as I can fit in or even start a "Free Ship Taken Away, Cryptic Reverse's on Word" thread.

Sadly this is to little surprise to a large portion of the population.

Business Ethics.... a contradictory term if there ever was one.
I'd put $20 on the table, and thats $20 that I *may* have spent on the C-store, that these types of questionable practices may have contributed to a certain "directors" recent departure from Cryptic. It's nice to think that someone at Cryptic had enough ethics to distance himself from this travesty.

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