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When I started on Tribble expanses worked fine for me.. and now they just don't.

I can see anomoly's but only on the edge of my screen, If I move the camera to see where they are.. they vanish (yes I'm stationary).

I've force verified the files (twice). It's not a bug related to draw distance, as I have it set to max (and I've tried 100% as well).

Notice that in both pictures, I'm parked on an anomoly.. but you can't see it.. also notice the other Federation ship, just showing that I've moved the camera, but all the anomoly's are still on the edge of the screen and NOT showing in the middle.

Interestingly my Klink toon using the same game files does NOT have this problem. Only my Fed toon has this issue.

Unfortunately as Exploration is now going to be an important part of the new economy, this needs fixing for me...

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