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10-08-2011, 01:32 PM
BUG: Battle Group Omega Ground Requisition

Anti-Proton Ground Weapons: 30,000 Dilithium
Phaser Ground Weapons: 60,000 Dilithium
Disruptor Ground Weapons: 60,000 Dilithium
Tetryon Ground Weapons: 60,000 Dilithium
Plasma Ground Weapons: 60,000 Dilithium
Polaron Ground Weapons: 60,000 Dilithium

UI, Ground Equipment, Dilithium System

How to reproduce (If known.)
1: Go to Battlegroup Omega
2: Go to USS Victory
3: Select Equipment Requisition
4: Select Awayteam Weapons
5: Pick any of the Weapon Types

Battle Group Omega #1

Ok so i got access to Battlegroup Omega pretty much litterally 5 minutes before this post, and i decide to see if i got enough dilithium to buy a mk10 phaser pulse rifle, the very rare one, so i clicked Equipment Req, picked awayteam weapons, and picked anti-proton weapons, and all of them where 30k dilithium each, so i thought that all of them where the same, exited that, did the same thing, picked phaser weapons, 60k each, so i opened every tab there for ground weapons and all of them except the Anti-Proton weapons are 60,000 Dilithium a piece, These are the weapons that usually cost 4 Marks of Exploration from B'Tran Daily

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