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Here is a suggestion I would like to make for the "In Progress Tab" Mission Info.
I would like the "Reward" for the mission to be displayed here, just like in the "Availible Mission Tab"

The reason for this is if you have all 20 of your missions in que, and you see a really good one that you want to pick up, you will first have to abort a running mission. But trying to remeber what the reward was for that mission is a pain! Especially if you have 20 going. So the "Reward" for the mission being displayed would be great! I do not see why this would be a problem for it tells you everything BUT the "Reward" in the "In Progress Tab" It even has the "Reward " line, just not the info behind it.

I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but it would really help if we could see the reward for the mission in BOTH tabs.

P.S. Can you please fix the Military Tier in the DOff System next patch PLEASE! Its is still bugged! And looks to be the ONLY tier that is.

On a serious note, Great job on the DOff System! It is every bit as fun as I was hopeing. Maybe a wee-bit shorter on a few of the mission timers, or a bit more reward for a 3 day wait.

The one currency to rule them all however...........

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