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10-08-2011, 11:29 PM
I'm optimistic - just not quiet about it, which is why I usually avoid the threads that have been posted as late

raging gives me indigestion

personally I don't think the game is going to change as much as people rage it is... I also don't think it's going to die as much as people think. Despite the fact that there's a VERY small handful of followers on the forum, there are a lot more people who spend MOST of their time ingame instead of forum raging - cool people who help with missions, most of which don't really seem to care about the F2P at all (a few of them who are friends of mine that didn't even know about it until they got some emails lol) and there's even more just waiting to get INTO the game through the F2Player/Demo/Whatever system

The main problem - to my mind - is the massive economy change (we've got like twelve different forms of currency right now... there was bound to be a mess) that's been thrown in WITH the F2P. If it was just F2P or just F2P and the DOFF system then there probably wouldn't be as much raging... but because so much of it is happening at once (there might be such a thing as too MUCH new content) everyone is freaking out. Rumors based on scraps of information from the Dev's, and LOUD rages from tribble at least three builds out of date, persist despite the constant flux Tribble is in right now.

And God forbid you say 'these changes are just trials - nothing is confirmed' ... that'll get you flamed REALLY fast lol

For myself, as I said, I'm optimistic... but I'm careful about where I say it

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