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# 1 Listing a few concerns.
10-09-2011, 03:53 AM
Well, I am all for free to play, it's fine. When I first heard it being announced I was a but indifferent but mostly positive. I intended to keep my sub going for the Gold Member benefits and stuff because, well, I haven't been playin the game that long, a few months and I quite like it. I haven't had my fill just yet. But, some of the news I am getting from friends playing tribble and a some posts I read here are disturbing me somewhat and making me question whether or not I intend to keep paying my subscription fee after F2P or even continuing to play at all. Here are a few of my concerns.

Grinding for a new ship after ranking up.

This is a major flaw in my opinion. Ranking up for me was one of the most fun parts of leveling a new character. You got a new ship, and got to try it out right away. It was always met with much anticipation.
But, I hear on tribble, you have to actually get down and grind to get a new ship. So badly in fact that some people just SKIP getting a new ship and continue on the next rank in a lower tier ship just to avoid the grind. This, in my humble opinion is unacceptable. Keep the free ship tokens in, or at least, let free ship tokens be available to Gold members. That would be a acceptable compromise in my eyes.

Forced Dailies.

VERY BAD IDEA. No one likes a game to become a hassle. I am going to presume to speak for a large (At least I hope) portion of the fan base of this game when I say we don't want forced dailies. It is not fun to be bothered to log into a game just to get dailies out of the way in order to progress properly in the game. It was a bad idea in WoW and other MMO's with similar setups and it will be a bad idea for STO. No one wants a second job when they look to play a MMO.

Dilithium Daily Cap

Bad idea. Although I can see the cap only being there for silver members but if it is applied to Gold members as well, it is a absolutely horrible idea. The whole idea of grinding Dilithium in entirety is a bad idea.. But to limit even that? That's horrible. What's the point of it? I for one, don't like grinding, and I am sure a large portion of the fanbase would agree with me here.
Suggestion: Implement a similar setup to the way merits work. Obtain Dilithium from missions, quests, possible ways to mine for it, gather it as if it were crafting materials, make it possible for people to have enough of it to last without worrying about running out and having to grind for more.

Pay to win

This is somewhat of a controversial subject. Some people like the idea, some people are appalled by it. Personally I don't quite like the idea myself of someone having better stuff than me just because they got a disposable income to burn on the C-store. But, the object of the company that owns the game is to make money right? I don't know... Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth thinking about it.
Especially since I heard that they are removing the T3 Nebula and Excelsior models from the game to plop on the C-store with upgraded pay to win versions. That's not a very nice way to treat us loyals that stood with the game all this time in my opinion.

Anyways, I apologize if I went on a rant there. Some things were bothering me and I need to know if anyone agrees with me. I am clinging to a near non existent strand of hope that with enough negative feedback on some of the concerns listed above that they may be modified or even scrapped. But, well, I know the track record for content on the test servers. ...Fingers crossed...

Live Long and Prosper.

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