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# 1 Dilithium Problem
10-09-2011, 04:14 PM
It was posted that the new daily mission are going to give Dilithium ore, not refined dilithium, and that you can only refine 8000 a day. But now everything is changing to costing Dilithium, even Training & new BOFF's.
A Mk VIII consoles cost 19,200 Dilithium, so you would have to wait 3 days to refine enough Dilithium to buy 1 console .... This just doesn't seem right.

I think the Dilithium prices need to be looked at because I think some prices are way to high ... I mean 19,200 for a console that you use to be able to get 1 and have a little extra from 1 explore mission, it now take about a week to get the 19,200 ore which then takes 3 days to refine ...... This economy is going to be really messed up....

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