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A single mine launcher drops one mine only. This mine is stealthy, similar to an MES effect.

Mine Patterns increase the number of a mine drop to 3 / 5 / 8 with a total damage increase of +100% / 200% / 300%. (that means individual mines in a pattern will effectice deal less damage than the single mine, but the total damage is notably increased.)

When a mine hits a ship, it ignores shields, and deals direct hull damage. The damage they inflict is equal to that of a torpedo of their type. The mine recharge is 50 % longer.

Mines could come with an "arming delay", that ensures that you don't use mines like dropping a bomb. (The mines might cloak relatively fast, but require a second or so before they start hunting down enemies. Giving players time to react.)
A player may have up to 3 mines drops (a drop is a mine or a pattern of mines) out for each mine layer.

The Tri-Cobalt Mine type might be the only non-cloaked mine. Reduce the damage output to 33 % but do not increase the recharge time and the additional arming delay. Tric Mines also become affected by Mine Patterns. Trics basically still are more "bombs" then mines then.

So "spamming" with mines would be almost impossible, as they are invisible most of the time. But mines are always threatening, since they ignore shields. And with 5 possible mine drops around, you can actively try to lay traps. (More important in Capture & Hold then Circle-To-Ceiling Arenas. Though I'd mine one of those asteroid donuts.)

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