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DOff Recruitment
As it stands now we only get Cadre missions on ESD and SFA.

I suggest that we should be able to get them in all Social Areas. But that each area will come with a higher chance of recruiting local species.

SFA - Humans, Tellarites,
ESD - Rigellians, Denobulans, Saurians,
K7 - Caitians,
DS9 - Bajorans, Cardassians, Deferis, Ferengis,
SB39 - Romulans, Remans,
Vulcan- Vulcans,
Risa - Betazoids, Trills,
Andoria - Andorians, Aenars,
Bajor - Bajorans
Memory Alpha - Bolians, Benzites, Deltans,
Drozana (KDF) - Fed species
Drozana (FED) - Kdf species
Ganalda - Orions, Nausicaans,
Qo'NoS - Klingons, Leethans,

Ship Duty Tab
The scroll bar on the roster is in my opinion better placed on the right side and the roster and the detailed description should switch places as well.

Assignment Tab
The Completed Sub Tab should only contain the completed missions when it is active. Now it lists all in progress with the completed at the top. Minor thing but shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Assignments Tab
The following categories should be color coded like the following.
Critical Success

DOff Rarity
How good a DOff is should be indicated by the usual use of the Very Rare, Rare, Uncommon, Common colors.

DOff Traits
The amount of traits should be keyed to the DOff's rarity. Common have less then Very Rare. But none should be without a trait. Because that is just wrong.

DOff Duplication
If we get a duplicate, triplicate or more of one DOff we should be able to return them in exchange of replacements of the same rarity. The Reassignment is only one way. We need a two way exchange.

DOff Vacancies
Often I've been prevented from doing DOff missions due to the fact my ship has no doctor or no counsellor.
If I were a Starfleet Captain I would make sure that Starfleet Command would assign me some, asap. Not wait a couple of months or years in hope that the random recruits they send over eventually would bring me what I need.

So what I'm looking for is a mission where we get to pick which kind of officers we need and pending on how successful it was we get or don't get what we need.

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