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1) Dillithium vs leveling: The problem is we currently way out level our supply of dillithium for example I am mid way through RA flying a captain level Defiant with the original Mk vi equipment.

Solution-- In the next build or two slow down leveling to what you expect it to be on Live. They only way to get an accurate assesment of the Dillithium economy vs the leveling process is to actually let us level at the normal rate.

2) Dillithium Sources: The problem is there isn't enough.

Solution: Each mission used to give merit/honr. The currency used to train Boffs. That was taken away but not replaced with Dillithium. Every mission needs to give at least the same amount of dillithium as we used to get merits/honr. Even if you can't soon hook up all the dillithium souces at least tell use what you plan them to be.]

3) Duty Officer Critical success rewards: The problem is some of them are way to high. As much as I like it 900+ xp is a lot to give out. Those amounts will level you to quiickly. I went from Commander 9 to RA 2 in 3 days doing all of 5 missions. The rest was hugge criticals on the Duty Officer assignments.

Solution: Reduce the critical multipliers on the crit success rewards. I would actually give only a modest bump to skill poins for criticals but given the fact that to go from tier 1 to tier 2 is 12500 xp I would give hugh bonuses to cxp and also give large dillithium rewards. Right now a crit gets em 50 to 100 and that is to little. Tone down the skill point reward and bump up the cxp and dillithium rewards.

All in all I love the Duty Officer system and think its great it just needs a little twinking. As a last thought the jump from tier 1 to tier 2 is a bit steep. 2500 cxp to get to tier 1 and 15k for tier 2? I could see going to 7500.. basically doubling the requirement buty qudrapuling it? A bit much. My suggestion:

Tier 1 2500 cxp
Tier 2 7500 cxp
Teir 3 17500 CXP
Teir 4 37500 cxp

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