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# 1 DSE's on Tribble..
10-11-2011, 11:40 AM
Wow, this is just silly, everyone comes to Tribble and gos into DSE's and forgets how to fight and win the silly things..

Number one first off lads and lassies.. don't waste your time with probe farming.. it IS a waste of time.. your going to level faster just going off and doing the storyline missions.. You DO NOT need to go probe farming..

Second.. Take the mother ship BROADSIDE from one side or the other.. there are several reasons for this..

A. It does not draw probes onto the respawn point so you don't get PWN'd by the AI as soon as you respawn after dying.. (I'm seeing an awefull lot of this)

B. It give you more time to respond to Plasma balls, turn and engage Regeneration probes etc.


Make sure your HUD is set up to show who the mothership is targetting.. It might just give you time to activate "Brace for Impact so you DO NOT get one shotted... That is what that is for.. You have DOFF's that give you a buff when you use Brace for Impact.. Take advantage of it!!!

Extra Special HINT:: If the mother ship dies.. you get Dilithium!!!! Yes, thats right, DILITHIUM of which there is no way you have 'nuff of the stuff.. Especially if your Fed where you have more ship choices to make and shortfalls to make up. I'm sure you'll find a use for 1,440 Dilithium..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This post promted by playing over 15 DSE's on tribble and seeing only ONE of them won..

DO NOT ATTACK from off the end of the motherships.. ALL your going to do is waste your time for no gain and most likely LOOSE. The dayly 15 min +XP token is a waste on Tribble right now bacause you can make it to rank 51 by simply doing the mission arcs as its set up for you. Please do this as what needs eyeballing is the DOFF system and the PvE que system for the new versions of STF/Elite force. Thsi Thus (we hope) theres new stuff we get to play with and a bunch of front end bug fixes (ie client side)


Khemaraa (the frustrated Klingon) sends

And if you see a Vor'cha sporting an Aegis set named the I.K.S. Black Sun commanded by Dariet the Magnificent.. Thats me. Now, lets go win some of these...

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