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10-12-2011, 12:52 AM
Originally Posted by Destinii
I'm not going to defend the increase in price in the T5 ships. But, did you even look at the prices of the lower classed ships? T1 variants are only 240. Down from 800. Before the change, a gold would have to wait for 'two months of stipend' to get a T1 ship. Now, you can almost buy two for one month's worth. The T2 seems to have come down as well (IIRC).

Nothing that I've read has said that the T5 prices are 'set in stone' yet. Will they change? who knows. But this is the *first* week of testing with the C-store, so yeah, making our voices heard that we think the prices are too high is fine. Acting as if this is now live is just jumping the gun a little bit.
The MVAM version of the Advanced Escort was bumped up to 2000 C-Store points. That's two months of stipend points added onto its perceived value. In addition to this, all costumes, bridges, etc. have jumped by 33% as well.

Dropping the Rhode Island by little bit is a very thin lining on a very bleak cloud.

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