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# 1 Where is my Dilithium???
10-12-2011, 11:51 AM
The devs repeatedly reported plenty of daily missions to gain dilithium or ore but i have yet to see this.
I am at VA already but becuase of the massive points from story mission i hit the cap so fast i only just completed the Romulan story arc. And the exploration dailies stopped rewarding dilithium at RA. So the only mission i have that reward ore or refined dilithium is borg alerts, sattelite repair, or the foundry daily.

I would have to play at least 20 more hours to complete all of the story arc and access all the mission that give out ore or dilithium.

All the dailies should be awarding ore or refined dilthium but i dont see it. And they still need to fix the costs. I had to buy standard gear with energy credits at Starbase 39 for my ship cause all the gear at ESD takes as much for each component in dilithiium as my ship cost itself.

And why are all the new ships for each rank equipped with gear for the previous rank??

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