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The admin list was mended slightly and imho could be amended further with new mods/more admins. BRJ is in and some idles players were removed.

new list:all active



@tybushman- the owner

More players can feel free to volunteer or continue their quest for pvp mod/admin status.

I personally would like to see more of the following in the channel (mods or anyone can do these):

1. New people. Please take the time to invite people to the channel type /join_organizedpvp. A noob who could havebeen turned off to the game can turn into a veteran member of the community in a short time.

2. More private games. I have been known to start a few big pvps now and again. I say MOAR. Big, small, any pvp, make it happen. Use the channel. Duel, 2v2, 5v5, 10v10. Its all for the taking.

3. More explanation friendly debate (as opposed to qq/l2p) Take the time to explain how you won and why your not a cheater, instead of clicking ignore. When possible, amicably discuss strategy and builds in the chat, thats what its there for.

4. Team finding. Cross fleet cross faction pvp is groovy. Make it happen with opvp chat, in private, in q, in kerrat, whatever.

5. More youtube links of ****** videos.... oh wait (memories......)

nuff said stay tuned for more info continued opvp ownage be sure to check 10/29 funday

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