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Greetings Startrek Online players I have created a channel called tactical command to help fight the Borg, the purpose of this channel is to coordinate all ships in the fight against the Borg. This channel coordinates to all ships fighting the Borg In addition to calling out the locations of red alerts also players can talk freely on this channel unlike the other channels. so come and join this channel and the fight today.
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# 2 Black's Tactical Guide
09-27-2011, 12:48 PM
The purpose of this document is to lay out strategies for fighting in the game STO

(Blacks Tactical Guide)
I am going to go over some rules for combat. First the rules of combat that will make difference between victory or defeat.

1.Strike Hard Strike Fast Strike Often.
2.Always be on the move a moving target is much harder to hit.
3.Know your enemy, knowing his strengths and his weaknesses will tell you where to strike so you can do the most damage.
4.Use and know the terrain, if you know the terrain you can hide you can set up ambushes you can really do anything it will give you the winning edge.
5.Know yourself and your teammates knowing where you are strongest and weakest will help you exploit your strengths and not be defeated by your weakness.
6.Remember this is war its very objective is victory you should do everything you can to win and you must have the heart to win and to fight if you only commit yourself partially or you think you will loose defeat is certain.
7.Always be flowing with the tide of battle and fight according to what your enemy is doing right than and there sticking to a plan and not changing is a sure way to get defeated. Be soft and pliable like reed not hard like the cedar.

Now it is time to go over the art of the individual dogfight. Remember to know your enemy and make sure you are prepared to fight him. Think in three dimensions and make sure you know what you and your ship is capable of, play to your strengths and to his weaknesses.

Most of the time a ship is most powerful when it is bearing down on you firing from the front. It is important to know especially with the larger ships that they cannot turn as easily as the smaller ships. So when fighting a larger capital or battle ship one should try to turn to bring a broadside down on the side of the ship. The goal of this turn is to put your ship behind his where you can deplete his rear shield and destroy your opponent.

Sometimes it is beneficial to put your ship upward in a climb, this is beneficial for several reasons. 1. it puts distance between you and any enemy 2. If there a multiple enemies it gives one the space to assess the situation and think how to best approach your enemy. 3. It allows one to come bearing down on there enemy from above which creates a very strong tactical situation. It should also be noted that diving down has the same benefits as diving upward but there are additional benefits for diving downward, these benefits are as follows.

When one dives down and then goes back up and approaches the enemy, one can now fire on the belly of any ship and do great damage, one also has the added benefit of the enemy not seeing you since you are downward of his position. Sometime the enemy may try to trap you or you may find yourself surrounded on all sides. It is best in these situations to just run put all the speed you can into your engines and get out of there, remember a dead pilot gets no glory.

Speed is always your friend but as has already been mentioned it is important to prepare properly and have a balanced ship, and make sure your ship and crew play to your enemies weaknesses. All this is worthless if A. You don't have the heart to win the fight. B. You are not fully committed. C. You don't do everything it takes to kill your enemy. There is no such thing as a dirty trick in a dogfight you are fighting to win.

This is probably the most important, if you are on a team you must be a team player, communicate with your teammates, make sure everyone is on the same page and do not try to be a hero or a glory hog. You are on a team play with the team trying to do something for the glory not only will leave your teammates vulnerable but it may get you killed and it may get your teammates killed as well. Know these rules be fluid, be one with yourself, your ship, your teammates and never let your ego get in the way, all ego does is cause one to underestimate his opponent and over estimate himself and that equation leads to only one thing defeat and getting yourself blown up really quickly.
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our war with the Borg continues and i have seen many people loose a red alert instance because people on the team were probe farming. First of all this is not fair to the other players who want accolades and the players who want to win the instance. Focusing on the probes will not win the instance nor will it give you the most xp as it is popularly believed. To get the most xp use your skill boost and win the instance and collect the xp at the end. If you want to level up do missions than go to mission replay and repeat the mission (you can do this every 30 minutes and it can be found in your ready room on your ships bridge). Another tip is to engage the floating enemy instances that can be found in every sector and also doing the daily missions. So please be fair stop probe farming and work together to kill the Borg mother ships that come and win the instance remember you are playing with other players and the game is not just about you, you are working with other players to achieve victory over the Borg. So please stop probe farming and work together with your team to achieve victory.
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# 4 advice to new players
10-04-2011, 12:43 PM
There are alot of new people to the game and I am sure they will be alot more people signing up once the game goes f2p. So here is some advice to new players from a Veteran of the game and a Fleet Admiral. First of all listen to older more experienced players they know what they are doing. Second do the tutorial and learn as much as you can about the game. Third Join a fleet, fleets usually help there members and have more experienced members who can help you. Forth ask other players at ESD or in open space for help usually you will get some help and some sarcastic remarks. Fith work together with your team especially in pvp and pve instances, listen to the older members they have achieved there high rank in the game through hard work and they know what they are doing. Now to veteran players dont yell at the noobs try to explain things to them and give them a reason for doing things if you explain yourself patiently they will listen to you so be a leader to them.
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# 5 ways to fight the borg
10-05-2011, 11:33 AM
First of all have everyone target the same side of the cube and when the shields are down hit the cubes with tri-cobalts or transphasic. Sci ships and carriers are very success against the borg. Always use your Borg Remodulation technology they will adapt quick. Another thing is having everyone on the team firing at the same target you will bring down a cube alot faster if everyone is concentrating on the same target at the same time you will be overwhelming that one target with alot of firepower. Remember what Sun Tzu said "If you know your enemy and you know yourself victory not need to be in doubt even in a hundred battles. In terms if ground weapons read my tactical guide and use antiproton, the tr-116 rifle, bladed weapons and special attacks you can equip from your kit these can be very effective. I hope this help and feel free to pm me or post any questions you may have.
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I am seeing more and more Red Alerts being lost, so here are some mistakes I have seen people make avoiding these mistakes can help people win the red alert instances more often.

1. Work together as a team and listen to the more experienced players
2. Each team needs one leader and everyone should listen to that one leader.
3. Know your ship and use it correctly for example dont put a bunch of beam arrays on an escort class
4. Know your class and use your abilities correctly
5. work together to deploy your abilities at the right time.
6. Dont probe farm.
7. Do not leave the team to rot after the Borg Capital ship appears, one ship really makes the differences in these battles.
8. Designate the escorts to take out the probes while the rest of the team focuses on the capital ships.
9. Everyone should target the same side of the ship use abilities like photonic fleet and use your scorpion fighters on the capital ship.

Follow these rules and victory is assured work together, play to your strengths and play to your opponets weaknesses.

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