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# 1 P2W C-Store Begins?
10-13-2011, 09:05 AM
Did I read correctly that there will be unique an stronger ships at each tier available in the C-Store soon? What happened to 'no game affecting items' in the C-Store Cryptic? What happened to 'only game affecting items that can also be earned in game.' What happened to the later position that 'available in game' really meant 'for an obscene amount of grinding or real world $$$? Seriously, I love your game, but could you please just stick to your word with the C-Store. (KEEP IT FOR NON GAME AFFECTING ITEMS! NO SPECIAL SHIPS!)

I almost quit when I saw the C-Store. I almost quit when I saw game affecting items in the C-Store. I almost quit when I heard STO was going F2P. I almost quit when I read Dev Blog #10. When will the slippery slope of P2W end...after the F2P switch? I have been critical, but tolerant and eventually accepting of each step to place the C-Store in an ever more central role to STO. How far are you expecting fans like myself to go before we give up on your money grab?

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