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10-13-2011, 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by Vipermist
You think 5 science captains is fun? , torpedo spread is fun?

Since when has anyone that went up against a TSI team using mass sci spam and spreads had fun?

Fun for you guys maybe but everyone else?

Another TSI hosted event with rules designed to maximize what they do best in science spam with torpedo spread, and scrambles taken away so they can still heal each other and don't kill themselves with friendly fire spreads.

I'm at a complete loss as to why any other team would even bother signing up for such an event, TSI have honed their spamming skills stomping pugs all day and using cheese, everyone else has no chance and will just get *****.

Fun day load of complete crock, the only way this may actually be fun if the teams where completely randomized.

Please i encourage all teams to signup so you can get a good pwning by the masters of sci/mine/spread spam TSI and see just how much "fun" you have.

Yes i understand you hosted its your rules, but naming your event "fun" to an attempt to get people to participate while you then slaughter them using cheese is only going to be "fun" for you.
what the hell dude? this is not a tsi event. this is something i thought would be fun too see what people decide to limit themselves or if they dont and in general put everyone on equal footing to pew pew at each other. i'm sick of seeing strict rulesets that over time people try to "work around" and find loop holes in and in the end have that event/series of events fall appart because people found these and "abused" them. whens the last time an event with 5 man teir 5 ships was allowed without any restrictions except for no scramble/antimatter? never. excuse me for wanting to try something new and i'm sorry your such a dickwad that all you see is my supposid attemept at giving my fleet some sort of "edge" by allowing EVERYONE to use whatever they want.

all i want is for everyone to keep playing.... i'm sorry, i thought the community would want to try to stick together as a whole as well. my bad.

and as too the tsi "spam" i've yet to see this, i know of one guy who uses mines.

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