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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

It's going to be a few hours until this goes live. Until then, enjoy the patch notes!

  • The prices for items in the Dilithium item and ship store have been significantly reduced.
    • The numbers are still being tuned, but these are far closer than the previous numbers
  • Gold members will get a free ship token at every level except for VA.
  • Silver members will get a free ship token at every level through Commander, a discount on their ships at Captain and Rear Admiral, and no token at VA.
  • Headshots should no longer animate out of frame.
  • Bridge Officers are now trainable for energy credits and promotable with Officer Skill Points.
  • Removed all merit/honor rewards from PVP end-of-match rewards. PVP mission are now daily missions that reward dilithium ore.
  • New Klingons now start at level 21 instead of 17.
  • The following ships are now available in the C-Store: Galaxy Retrofit, Intrepid Retrofit, T3 Nebula, and the T5 Nebula.
  • Fighter pet AI has been updated to be more robust, and to have default behaviors if you happen to launch fighters from a ship that doesn't have carrier commands enabled.
  • The asset tab in your inventory has been updated.
  • The color palette in the Tailor and Character Creator will now remember the recently selected color choices. Attempting to use a recent color that is not in the color palette will instead use the closest color in the color palette.
  • The 15 minute XP boost reward has been removed from the Borg Invasion Event.
  • Any ship that has a special power will have that power adjusted to a console, and that ship will be given an extra console slot to accommodate it.
    • Many ships have been updated, but more are being converted.
    • These consoles have restrictions on which, if any, ships they can go on.
  • Carrier pets are no longer set to “port” and “starboard”. Any carrier pet item can work in any slot.
  • The Gorn and Orion ships that were Vice Admiral are now available at Rear Admiral

Duty Officer System:
  • The amount of skill points that can be earned through the Duty Officer System have been reduced.
  • Added Energy Credit rewards to most assignments.
  • Added Dilithium rewards to most assignments, including common assignments and including on standard successes.
  • Reduced fatality and casualty chances in some additional assignments.
  • Fixed bugged success rates for archaelogical assignments
  • Reworked (probably not for the last time) some of the bridge officer recruitment assignments so there are no Disaster/White results, added some better explanatory text, and reduced the time to complete these assignments.
  • Assignment buffs extended from 1 hour to 4 hours
  • Reduced non-Dilithium, no-CXP numeric rewards, noticeably for critical successes.
  • Added appropriate map restrictions to Medical Relief assignments, which were showing up too frequently.
  • Modified many Marauder assignments to reduce the negative impact of Honorable and Aggressive traits
  • Added many new Marauder assignments.
  • Changed "Medic" Medical commendation titles to Nurse (Federation) and Field Medic (KDF)
  • Reduced energy credit cost for some Science research assignments down to 100 EC from 500 EC
  • Adjusted Trade and Military assignment rarities; several in each were moved to be rarer with commensurate rewards.
  • Fixed bugged requirements for "Analyze Torpedo Pattern"
  • Reduced fatality rates (but not injury rates) for many Military and Marauding assignments.
  • Reduced failure chance for some Marauding assignments.
  • Adjusted some KDF bridge officer and duty officer species-specific recruitment assignments in order to compensate for the face that the KDF has fewer species.
  • Increased impact traits have on assignment outcome.
  • Fixed some assignments that were using Merit/Honor as an input to using Energy Credits.
  • Initial pass at combining completed/in progress and commendation UI.
  • Regenerated duty officer names to remove duplicate names.
  • Added a new set of Colonial assignments.
  • Increased number of possible assignments in a sector at any one time by 2.
  • Fixed some bad requirements in certain assignments.
  • Removed military offenses as a possible assignment to come up on Risa.
  • Added "Aggressive" as a species trait of non-unique Caitian duty officers.
  • Added "Efficient" and "Stubborn" as species traits of non-unique Benzite duty officers.
  • Added "Teamwork" as a species trait of non-unique unjoined Trill duty officers.
  • Changed the text and titles of some duty officer assignments (e.g., Engineering Level Diagnostic and cadre recruitment assignments) in order to better satisfy canon.
  • Reduced casualty and fatality chances from Military item assignments.
  • Improved rewards for "Entertain Dignitaries" assignments.
  • Increased potential assignments per sector for sectors with assignments.
  • Made some Common Diplomatic assignments Uncommon, and increased their rewards proportionately.
  • Fixed bad slotting requirements for "Analyze Patterns" assignments.
  • Changed Marauding "Raider" title to "Corsair" to avoid conflicting with existing title.
  • Added Contraband commodity as a potential reward for investigating trafficking assignments.
  • Added missing icons for reassignment assignment slots.
  • Fixed erroneous Marauding mission tier reference to "Attache" to something more appropriate.
  • Decreased rarity of humans (modestly) compared to other species. Assignments that give Dilithium now give Dilithium Ore.
  • It should be noted we are strongly leaning towards improving Dilithium Ore rewards for duty officer assignments across the board.
  • Corrected misspelling of "Dignitaries" in some assignments.
  • Reduced Energy Credit requirements for most "Trade for..." assignments.
  • Significantly improved anomaly rewards for Science and Exploration anomaly assignments.
  • Added additional Human and Klingon versions for every specialization to provide greater variety in both names and traits.
  • Adjusted Trade and Military assignment rarities; several in each were moved to be rarer with commensurate rewards.
  • The Duty Officer dossier will now display the chance of affecting the power.
  • Setup the klingon skin for the Duty Officer commendation UI.
  • Increased rarity of tier buff assignments, but improved most non-buff numerical rewards to compensate.
  • Fixed Marauding "Buy Turrets..." assignments so as to give the correct rewards.
  • Added new icons to assignment tier buffs.

Special Task Force:
  • Healing Powers adjusted on Borg Space puzzles in Infected and Cure.
  • Subnucleonic Beam no longer permanently disables the healing powers of the gate/cubes.
  • Borg Turret on Cure Ground has had a health and damage bump.
  • Dilithium Ore is now granted for completing STF’s and the Mirror Event instead of Refined Dilithium.
  • Queue Functionality for STF’s and Events has been updated.
    • There is now a lockout timer that will keep new team members from joining these after a certain point in the mission has been reached.
    • When the mission has completed, the map will now eject players after 2 min.
      • Make sure to get your loot before you are booted.
      • This will also solve new players spawning in maps where the mission is already complete, and the bug where you could get into an infinite loop of being pulled back into the maps once you leave.

Starfleet Academy Event
  • Players can no longer use other players particle puzzle once when it spawns. (cheaters)
  • Players killing other players holo-klingons will get no loot. The loot now always goes to the player that spawned the enemy no matter who kills it.
  • Fixed particles that always procced puzzles, now they are all random.
  • Event Timers on the map have been removed since they were only accurate on the first instance the event started on.

  • Added warp-to locations for devidian missions
    • The warp button now says “Transwarp”
    • Using this button while you are still on same sector map that the system is on will fly you to that system.
  • Added mission warp locations for Pi Canis Sector.
  • The federation leveling speed has been slowed through the earlier portions of the game.
  • The tutorial now has players starting in RPG mode - updated tips in the first 2 maps (bridge and khitomer) to reflect this
  • Fixes for Infected Space and Fed Academy event... Should be no more griefing for particles.. Spawning player owns enemy npc and or puzzle. If other player kills player spawned klingon the loot still goes to spwaning player. Changed dilitium rewards on stfs and mirror event to raw dilithium.
  • Added Scoreboard State machines to Cure and infected stfs to help with Que problem. Updated final reward fsms to use new expression. Bug fixes for infected space and ground.

Known Issues
  • Gateway in Infected space is not taking torpedo damage of any kind, this is under investigation.
  • Player still receives a stipend and discount token for Klingon Captain and Brigadier General.
  • Marauder and Varanus text still lists Lieutenant General as Minimum Rank.
  • The Galaxy X has been removed from the C-Store to resolve an issue with the cloak. It should be back soon
  • Klingon Commendation UI is not showing proper totals.
  • The assignment points remaining text appears outside of the Duty Officer window
  • The Commendations window is missing from the UI.

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