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I was extremely excited about the new Akria refit mainly because of the new point defense console, but as soon as I look at it it says escort only.

I have but one question....WHY???????

Other than this console the only other one I know of that is ship specific is the MVAM for obvious reasons.
Why would you do this? A lot of Captains of Cruiser and Science Vessels would love to have this in our ships.
Also historically point defense systems have mainly been associated with larger slower ships because they need them to their inability to maneuver. Even if you never change it which would make me very sad and disappointed can you at least explain why you chose to do this?

Edit: Looked and found out the anti-matter console is crusier specific, but my orginal question still stands. Why are you making ship class specific consoles? I would much rather have a PDS then anti matter spread.

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