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10-14-2011, 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by Oortael
I also agree. Don't we all have a HUGE lounge that never get's used? I'd love to see the rest of my BOffs & DOffs gathered there as I promote my officers!
I went down there once, everyone was just hanging out and walking around. I was like "Don't you people have things to do!?!"

They ignored me.
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10-14-2011, 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by Oortael
I get that since the old way to promote BOffs through Merits is out, that a gap needs to be filled. But that gap should not be filled by consuming even more skill points to promote a BOff.

This is how it currently goes:

1. Get a BOff.
2. Use Skill Points to train abilities of BOff.
3. Spend at least 250 SP in order to be able to promote BOff.
4. Lose even more SP just to promote them.
5. Unlock more expensive abilities (That you might not be able to train b/c you lost most of the SP just to promote the BOff).

How does that make sense?

BOff promotion should either be a given (like it is with us) or (and I know a lot of people will hate this idea) it should cost some very modest amount of currency.

Show some support and let's get them to change it, please!!!
No change needed here. The system is just fine. Even at low levels if you do the patrols you will have more than enough to spec out your officers. Sitting at 154k skill points at VA with every officer maxed out. I don't see the problem.
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10-14-2011, 11:13 PM
Originally Posted by Diceberg View Post
No change needed here. The system is just fine. Even at low levels if you do the patrols you will have more than enough to spec out your officers. Sitting at 154k skill points at VA with every officer maxed out. I don't see the problem.
[Comment rescinded].
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10-14-2011, 11:16 PM
I can see both sides of this argument.

The whiners want an easier time promoting.

The hardcore's want the system to remain competitive.

Personally, I think it's fine. Worry more about economy problems, less about boff issues.

Occupy Exchange Street anyone?

I think Exchange needs a reboot when this whole thing hits Holodeck, because there are still items there that have insanity prices that just do nothing but take up space and cause the market to get spoofed. I look for a baseline price quote on my items to sell, then I set it down about 10K from that, and arrive at a fair price that sells fast. That is the intention of Exchange, not to have people camp insane prices to gouge the market for eternity.

There will always be idiots trying to mess things up, but an Exchange reset would really fix the market, and for a while, everyone would play fairly. Sounds great to me, I'm tired of seeing idiots on Exchange all the time.

It's as bad as the PM spamming was earlier in this game's life. How did all those morons get a grip on my account anyway? Made me pretty nervous to keep my account going for this game while that went on, if they could spam my mailbox, they could have gotten a grip on my credit number or taken control of my account, buying c-store up the whazoo and really giving me a headache...

I'm glad they killed that problem, but sometimes having so many morons running high-end exchange is just as annoying. When I hit VA and want to buy/sell top gear, I don't expect to see some moron running 2 Million EC for a bloody Aegis part, or just to get a certain BOFF skill.

I mean, do you know just how insane it is right now to get a BOFF with Torp Spread 3?? If you don't roll one (which never seems to happen), then you can just forget it happening. I'd love that skill on my Excelsior Retrofit.

TS2 does very good dmg, but TS3 would hit even harder.

Bah, going offtopic again...Sorry.

Still, could we do something to clean up Exchange? It's getting totally out of whack these days on Holodeck...I could see 500K or so for an Aegis part, or a BOFF with a certain skill that everyone wants, but 2 Million? Nope.

Plus I want my 250 Emblems/Dilithium reward back for all the time and effort I've put into this game from Day One! I've lost faith in this game since that was removed, if this launch from F2P to Holo does not give a 250 Dilithium or something similar, I'm gone for keeps. Removing vet rewards is NOT a great way to keep your valued subscribers, which you're losing at an insane pace.
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Qapla to all,

I think that current Officer promotion system must be changed (at least for players which archive maximum rank) because players which like me archive max rank of Vice Admiral and already spent all skill points can't promote his Officers anymore.

I am Vice admiral but for other side I completed only less then half story missions and if I get Officers with better skills as reward on remain Story missions I cannot be able to promote it and unlock his skills.

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01-17-2013, 04:18 PM
Boffs use Expertise points for promotion and advancing abilities, which you can continue to collect after you hit max level. My main character has several million expertise points sitting around, even with the reputation costs. I've promoted several bridge officers, that I got well after max level, all the way to commander, and completely changed their abilities, all in one go. The late-game system definitely does not need to be changed.

As to early-game, I've never had a problem promoting my officers unless I was swapping out old officers for new ones every time I got a new one. If people are too impatient to put their latest bridge officer into service at the expense of promotions and ability training, that's their problem. However, if people are regularly changing abilities because they are experimenting with the system to see what abilities they like best, or to better match up with their newest ship, this could also easily lead to a shortage of skill points to spend, and then promotions become a problem. I'd not be opposed to promotions not costing skill points, and agree that it would be nice to give them something more than just "I click a button, you are promoted."

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