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Okay, so now that we are forced to go through the Story missions in order (which I do not like, btw) and the Dividian series has become part of that order, other missions such as the Kuvah'magH, War is Good for Business and Treasure Trading Station actually don't become available until later levels. This means that the Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander ranked rewards are useless to the Commander that they are being rewarded to.

I think that the devs need to reevaluate the mission rewards for these missions and make them appropriate for the level at which these missions are now done. Who agrees?

Also, the experience given for Patrol missions in comparison to the new Story mission experience leaves them hardly worth even bothering with. I have stopped doing Patrols altogether on Tribble because they just aren't worth the time it takes to complete them. This also needs to be reevaluated and adjusted as necessary.


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