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# 1 Cleanup on isle CSTORE???
10-16-2011, 02:13 PM
So i was looking through my ship collection on the CSTORE just so i could plan what to get next, i had been pretty sure i had purchased all vessels fed side and even had them on my character.....and yet the store while saying they are unlocked has the cstore points listed as if i could purchase them again which was confusing for a second.

Almost all of the ships are simply listed as free, meaning i've purchased them already, but it has the "nebula science retrofit, long range science vessel retrofit, Exploration cruiser retrofit, and tactical escort retrofit listed as unlocked but have the cstore points below them. Even contacted support and they verified that those particular ships are listed as purchased on their why do they show up differently in the cstore? Almost had me thinking i had to buy them again.

Also strange that most ships you can claim directin from the cstore pull down and yet others you have to go to the ship yards to get another if you deleted it like i had......

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