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10-16-2011, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by Startruck
In a way It worries me that in two years these same STF's have been the endgame, it's almost gotten into a holding pattern. Warhammer online suffered from this and still suffers from it, constantly revamping the same thing over and over but not really adding anything substantial or new for players to chew on.

Personally I'd rather they just finish these, and move on to something else, let them expire and become trivial and focus the talent and manpower getting poured into them into designing and building a player driven endgame focused on territory control and exploration, with pve and pvp elements that has enough sandbox elements in place that the players can impact and shape the game.

That to me is real end game repeatable content, trying to stay ahead of the curve and release heavily scripted STF's that take years of tuning and iteration just to be consumed and grown bored of by the players seems futile. Maybe if gozer had a small army of guys working under him he could stay ahead of the pack of players, but he must be going crazy working on these things for as long as the game has been around.
This is precisely my concern.

The STFs were originally for the strive of [Borg] Gear (this was when it was pure Anti-Proton), then revamped for Valor gear, then again with Borg Gear after emblems came out. Now it's getting another revamp with a a more advanced Valor and Borg Gear, now called STF gear).

This is just ultimately us grinding away for full sets of MK 12 [Borg] Gear, which isn't really enough to keep players for long since those that been around for a long time are really exhaused of playing the same missions for nearly 2 years.

Originally Posted by Walshicus
I've got a feeling that the new events system - when hooked up to promote individual STFs - will change your mind on this.
I admire your optimism, but given what we seen so far on Tribble, the only thing to really look forward to is the DOFF system, the Borg Ground invasion of Defera, and the new DS9 Featured Event.

We really need a new end-game system thats going to interest people that isn't driven by items, but the fun of the experience.

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