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# 1 Banking Dilithium & Latinum
10-16-2011, 02:27 PM
My fleet & I have been discussing the changes coming with F2P, along with our concerns. I spent the past couple of days looking through the forums, and luckily nearly all of our questions &/or concerns have been asked (some of them even addressed by a Dev). But there are two questions that I couldn't find a reference to.

1) Has there been any mention of whether or not fleets may be able to stockpile Dilithium &/or Latinum, in fleet banks, like we do Energy Credits? The way the majority in my fleet are looking at it, if Dilithium can be traded for C-Points eventually, then Dilithium and even Latinum should be treated as a currency much like Energy Credits (even tradable between players).

2) Has there been any mention of the possibility that Energy Credits could be exchanged for Dilithium &/or Latinum? Like a foreign currency exchange.

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