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This is a sample of a basic script for my new mission in progress "Secret Academy".

The Players are sent to help Starfleet test a bold new program called "Project: Psychonaut", which is a virtual infiltration system vs the Borg.

This sample/preview starts from when they reach the hidden Starbase in the Mutara Nebula and hail the U.S.S. Victory and speak with Captain Four Of Ten.

Four of Ten:

How Unimatrix Zero came into existence was unclear. Some believed it started with a random malfunction during the assimilation of a single drone which eventually spread to other drones. The genetic mutation was rare and only one in a million drones possessed it, whether or not they were adults or children, still in a maturation chamber.

Using data from U.S.S. Voyager, Special Ops and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers began researching a way to re-create the conditions that made the mutation allow for individuality inside the Unimatrix.

To make a shorter explanation for the time being, we are ready to begin training a select group of cadets to test the program. They are all fitted with special nano-probe implants that allow for accessing the Unimatrix networks by being

relayed there and back by trained personnel at this base.

Admiral Jhen Kahren Ch'Aniri, is a Starfleet communications expert and Captain of the U.S.S. Blue Frequency.

He was chosen to help supervise the construction of this base's long range communications equipment, and has been given temporary command of the base until the program is out of it's beta phase.

Beam to the base and meet the cadets, and talk to the Admiral. He will give you your assignment details.

Objective- Beam to the base, meet cadets

Upon arriving the transporter chief has you step off the transporter pad to make room for the cadets, who are returning from

shore leave on the planet below.

Admiral Jhen: Cadets, this is <player> who will be your personal Virtual Drill Instructors for the remainder of your training.

I would advise you to listen to instruction and respect them as you would myself. Understood cadets?

: "Sir, yes sir!".

Player boff engineer: Uh..did he say Virtual Drill Instructors? us?

JHEN: "You heard right. Your experience at dealing with the Borg made you a primary choice for this assignment. The cadets were chosen because it is often much easier to train inexperienced people at new technology then to break habits for veterans.

Cadets, introduce yourselves to your Instructors."

Cadet Valor
: (vulcan female)"I am Cadet Valor. I am the daughter of Captain Seleya of the U.S.S. Pandora. My father was her original mate, and died in battle fighting the Dominion 30 years ago, he was Xon, and Pandora's captain before my mother. I hope to make my mother proud by serving Starfleet."

Cadet Torak(Klingon) "I am Cadet Torak, son of Aygun. My House, House Aygun, has been a Federation colony since the end of the Dominion war. Our House founders left the Empire to join the Federation, as a gesture of respect for our shared victory in the war. I find the idea of virtual combat..unsettling. Is there honor to be gained in a battle that did not truly exist?"

Cadet Grax
(Ferengi): "Cadet Grax. My father made me join Starfleet because i am terrible at business. I am good at fixing things, and hacking computer systems. My dad says that can be a useful skill later when I leave Starfleet and join the family business."

Cadet Rei
(Human female):" Cadet Rei Simmons. My older sister, Rebecca, was assimilated by the Borg at Star base 82. Starfleet officers were forced to kill her.

My goal in life is to help eliminate the Borg threat and hopefully save countless billions from their evil crusade of perfection through assimilation.

Resistance is Not futile!

That's my motto."

Scene/Objective next-

Same map-Starbase from Infected--

Objective- Meet with the Bynars

Jhen: I'd like you to meet with the team of Bynars that are helping Starfleet against the Borg.

Apparently, over time they have become so interconnected with the master computer on their home planet that their thought patterns are as close to binary code as is possible.

They were a logical choice to assist our project, since they are an example of a race who incorporated cybernetics into their lifestyle in a more positive and constructive fashion than the Borg.

The team working here helped us solve a lot of sub space interlink problems and make it possible to infiltrate the Borg Unimatrix remotely.

Head to the Station Network Control room.

Upon arriving players see four Bynars working with Borg and starfleet equipment, a Bynar is a contact npc.

The Players run through the Starbase which is the same map as Infected, there are many groups of Npc Starfleet personnel randomly interacting or on duty performing various tasks.

Groups of Starfleet security in armor are patrolling the station.

When they reach the far end in a work space with Borg equipment and tech everywhere, they see Three Bynars and Admiral Jahner Lightmist.

Note- the next section was word wrapped in Notepad and is spaced as such for now.


Hey there. Admiral Jahner Lightmist, U.S.S. Tiberius.

I'm just here a short bit getting the Bynar's on the same sheet of music as Starfleet on this assignment.

They're a pain in the warp core, to say the least!

The little runts don't seem to take the seriousness of the situation like they should.

I keep telling them we aren't here to sing songs and drink fruit juice!

The Bynar begin speaking as one linked collective, breaking sentences up as one will say a couple of words before the next picks up from there and so on to express even simple verbal communications.

( Note the Bynar name designations are 110, 111, 100)

110: We have properly coded the Borg neural

network 111:System to match the interlink

frequencies of the Unimatrix system.

100:When any Borg vessel is within range,

110: We can attempt to lock on and decode the

nearest Unimatrix network.

100: From there the Cadets will be able to

110: Remotely connect from here, and begin

infiltration procedures.

Jhen: Jhen to [LastName].

The Cadets have jacked in and are about to start a virtual exercise. Why don't you head to the Interlink chamber and join them, get an assessment of their skills to date.

Mission Objective- Go To Interlink chamber, Join Cadets

The Players go further down the base to a large chamber with Borg Regeneraters
and see the cadets standing on what look like modified Regeneration units.

A separate Regen unit glows as an objective object.

They use it and it describes them virtually jacking into a virtual environment that looks the same as where they are.

[OOC]After connecting to the Interlink, you feel as though you fall asleep as your minds virtually connect to a test uni matrix for a simulation.[/OOC]


Your bodies are in the chambers, you are in a recreation of the same room, which is your starting point.

This exercise is to simulate infiltrating a Borg uni matrix and attempt to liberate several newly assimilated Starfleet officers by tracing their neural brainwave patterns.

Player engineer boff:

Trace their...

How can we possibly filter out Starfleet brain patterns from thousands of other drones?


The Bynars.

Thanks to their expertise in linked minds within a virtual matrix, we have new technology that can read and measure the variables that reflect Freshly assimilated drones who's minds are still adjusting to the process, and filter them out.

Basically, it's a special Bynar made tracing sub routine.

Objective- Kill Enemies- Borg

A Place marker circle directs players forward which triggers a beam in of the Virtual Cadet Npcs.

In a smaller chamber a group of Borg wait. Once defeated, it triggers another wave of more advanced

Once the last Borg group is defeated, Cadet Grax the Ferengi engineer, beams near a force field with a console,
emoting using a tricorder.

Objective- Help Cadet Grax disable force field.

The Players interact with a console to assist Grax and disable the force field, which vanishes.

Objective- Trace Federation brain patterns, begin liberation attempts

When the Players move down a corridor, a new version of the Cadet npc's is visible interacting with an unknown
human female in a Starfleet uniform. (because I cannot make Npc's follow pc's until Foundry makes possible, separate npc spawns in key locations are necessary).

When close enough, the name over the female officer reads "Captain Rebecca Simmons"!


What? Is this some kind of cruel psychology test?

This is my sister Rebecca!

She wasn't recently assimilated, why would she be traced by the Bynar sub routine?

The Klingon Cadet, Torak is emoting readiness with a rifle, and randomly says

"This enemy is without honor!"


Lightmist to Test team!

We have been observing; the Bynars insist there is no Rebecca Simmons simulation in this test program!

In fact there is no simulated person or anything near your vicinity you should be able to interact with at all!

Valor-(The Vulcan cadet)


Admiral Lightmist, we are clearly seeing what Cadet Simmons is seeing, her deceased sister Rebecca in her Starfleet uniform.

This is a virtual connection test program, could the Cadet's own subconscious have had any effect on shaping part of this simulation?

Jahner --

Absolutely not!

Okay, I don't know..probably not?

Let me run the theory past my I.T. team and get back to you.

Meanwhile, continue the simulation, the goal of liberating a drone involves interacting with the regenerating mind and convincing it to break free!

New Objective- Attempt to liberate..Rebecca Simmons?

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