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# 1 Cooldowns and Timers
10-16-2011, 04:09 PM
I was playing today and had a quick thought on the way our skill buff timers and cooldown timers work:

Skill Bonus timers, for example, the ones earned from DOFF missions, seem to count down no matter what as long as you are logged on, whether you are running around on a planet surface and it is a space mission or whatever.

Cooldowns, like transwarp, seem to stop counting when you are on the planet surface, as the rest of your crew is just lounging around on the ship while you and your bridge crew are away. Lazy buggers.

Is it possible to unify these timers, so that it works one way or the other? Right now it seems to take the worst path on both of them. If it was one way or the other, it would benefit the player in at least one case.

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