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# 1 My Constructive Criticism
10-16-2011, 04:56 PM
As promised I waited until the economy fix to give my great big long-winded critique and suggestions as to the future of this game.

.....First, I am a lifer since open beta, but I do jump in and out of this game, I maybe have played it for 5 months total before I got into the F2P testing.

Dilithium ---
.....That is the first place I'm going to touch on. The 90% cut in prices was a good first step as you mentioned more price cuts will be coming and to that I hope you keep cutting. I don't think any piece of equipment should cost more that the current daily limit. Now, that lead me to the fact we are talking about using a tangible item as a resource for the main game, Latinum is nice since it is a side-game.

.....I prefer for dailies, missions, and what not Starfleet gives out merits and the KDF gives honor. I just seems to make more sense and be more canon to that fact. As for daily caps I find them rather strange, perhaps for silver players, but to be honest I have yet to hit even half the 8k cap, I haven't tried. Maybe some numbers will have to fudged down. However my main critiques the it is not the more canon-esque merits/honor.

Ships ---
.....We all can agree that the non-ship token idea did not go over well, I applaud the reintroduction of tokens at all levels up to RA/BG. I understand the reasoning to move VA ships to C-Store only, while I do not agree with it. I fell that perhaps another T5 token for any number of the non-cstore ships would be a nice (but not equal replacement).

.....I for one was glad to hear that C-Store will still be account-wide unlocks in term of ships. I hope to hear about pricing on these ships with dilithium/merits/credits. I also hope that I will still be able to but non-store ships with EC as an option to dilithium/merits/credits.

.....It saddened me to hear about the loss of the Excelsior and Nebula-classes to the C-Store. I propose having bringing those and the Thunderchild back without the extra BO slot and without the console as a middle option, it will cost more than the base ship (even a bit less if you use your token) but less than the c-store option. Think of it as quarter tier as opposed to the and a half tier as the C-Store ships have been called.

.....A while ago it was mentioned that the fighters will have a daily to get them, I hope to see that soon as well.

Duty Officer System ---
.....I must admit this is what I've waited for a long time, I must admit found myself absentmindedly clicking on the screenshots released by the devs.

.....Right now the change every 4 hours schedule is a bit hectic, I can under stand it for testing, but once it hits may I suggest a 6 or 8 schedule for assignment changes. just please increase the number of assignments to balance the time change.

.....I'm not crazy in having to travel the four corners of the known universe several times a day. I would prefer having a the master list no mater where I am and then having to go to that place to drop off my doffs (they can shuttle back). Example, if I need to reenforce troops on Risa I would have to go to Risa to start the mission or I need to send a diplomatic mission to "random planet" in a nebula, I will go to the nebula.

.....Small cosmetic thing, when I drop colonists. Instead of "did not survive" can we get "has left the ship"? I think it sounds better, I have yet to do reassign thing but I imagine the same thing shows.

.....I hope we get some more options on uber-rare and unique doffs. Example a rare defector mission in Defera space might grab you a Breen DoFF that has the effect of randomly replacing your Quantum Mortars with Cryo motors like enemy Breen have. Maybe a Romulan DoFF have effect of increasing the effectiveness of Cloak, Battle Cloak and Mask Energy Signature. Maybe even get a Defera doff in the civilian ranks mxed in or some Cardassians on SF side as civilians since Starfleet is protecting them.

.....I hear there are still looking for more skills to add so here are mine.
  • Flight Officer - Increases Defense and DPS of fighters (KDF carrier and Scorpion) and deployable turrets.
  • "Science" - Increases amount of traces retrieved when scanning
  • "Eng or Ops" - Decreases time to fix damaged subsystems
  • "Tactical" - Lowers cooldown time of mines. (Might even make them useable )

.....Perhaps we can get some sort of trading BoFFs for DoFFs option going. I do like the "crafting missions" I hope we can get some more of these. Towards the end of the game we can see crafting missions for kinetic personal weaponry for fighting the Borg. On KDF side a mission could be sending a bat'leth to be reforged send a DoFF with a white quality bat'leth on a mission and is could come back as a blue quality on success, purple on critical, green on failure, and on disaster you loose the bat'leth and maybe the DoFF (if white).

.....We could use options in trade missions.

.....Lower the cost of standard DoFF packs and introduce specialization packs (Tactical, Security, Science, etc) for 250

.....I hope Marauding gives KDF some Transwarps like Diplomacy gives Starfleet. I hope other than new DoFFs each tier would give rewards. Medical would speed up sick bay visits and trade might increase critical success rates in trade missions.

.....Duty Officer app or mobile accessible site.

Story/Mission Progression --
.....I absolutely hate it. Leave it as is or as an option. I love it the way it is now. I looks nice, but it too linear. Last thing you want in a MMO is to be too linear. I like getting my Breen set at every level-up.

Adding limits to Silvers ---
.....I would like to see some limits put on Silver players, may I suggest limits on some of the customization options.

.....For example, ship customization let's not allow them to mix and match parts they can change between the three standard classes or the four if they buy the costume. As for bridge offers limit customization to skills and uniform. You can still change the face and body of your captain.

.....Also, limit the playable races. For example silver players starting off will be limited to the 4 Federation Founders races, Rigelian and unjoined Trill. All others will have to be unlocked, buy a retail copy or C-Store.
  • Bajoran - will be unlocked upon completing the True Way storyline
  • Klingon - made available when KDF faction is opened up
  • Ferengi - win 50,000 in latinum
  • Liberated Borg - Complete Borg and Undine Missions
  • Joined Trill - Rank to Captain as a unjoined Trill
  • Bolian, Benzite, Saurian - Finish Tutorial
  • Caitian, Betazoid - Rank to Commander
  • Alien - Gold Members Only - it's our freeform

These ideas are not to hurt Silvers, but to encourage more gold memberships.

More Costume Options ---
.....There is a big costume thread (hehe), but my 2 biggest suggestions are GLASSES (I just don't feel like myself unless my characters has glasses, not a VISOR or sunglasses) and nice understated earrings for my female BoFFs. Hooped earrings can only go so far.

.....Also some new hair styles after 5 Starfleet characters it's hard to keep them all looking different, and good . I hope we can get more parts into the alien maker (cat ears, tails).

Other ---
.....I hope we can see more factions soon. I hope an improved and more indepth exchange will be coming with F2P. I can't wait to see wait open space will look like. I hope it looks more like the traditional Star Trek star chars I've seen.

.....Please make the dabo holograms permanent, just have some sort of recharge timer. Also rumor is to trade for a Ferengi ship, that sounds AWESOME! I imagine it being like a science ship with universal BO slots.

.....In Borg space, I would like to fight assimilated ships as well as borg ships. I hope to see a working shuttle bay soon. When I "customize" my ready room I would like to those chages star from ship to ship.

.....I would like to have famous battles be available via holodeck. Operation Return, Wolf 359 (survival - you can't win but you get points for length of survival), and so on.

.....Let's give PvPers some more, I'm tired of hearing about lack of PvP. Also SHUTTLE WARS!

.....I would like to customize my room on board ship, I can go travel the stars for the right coffee table :p

Thank You,
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