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For those interested, the final chapter of the Flight of the Kitty Hawk series, Part 3, is now available for play in the Foundry.

Thanks to those that supported the effort. Given the Foundry's woes of late I wasn't sure I wanted to complete the series, but friends encouraged me to do so. They reminded me that a good story, be it written in electrons, graphite or crayon, is still a good story.

I have not advertised the series much if at all—I wrote it for enjoyment and it was never my intention to please everyone nor win any acclaim. Without apology I have tried to tell a story and not simply be an arcade game with text. If you like a good yarn, then by all means take your time and enjoy.

Perhaps, if circumstances allow, I may write more in the future.

Until next time.
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Federation Mission - Flight of the Kitty Hawk Part 1
Author: Entropius

----------Report Start-----------

Summary: Simply put a great mission. Your writing and map design were excellent. They show a dedication to creating a good story that is designed to draw the player in and make them feel as if they have a true stake in the outcome of the mission. With the exception of a few minor details listed below you did a fantastic job with this mission. I highly recommend this mission and I look forward to playing part 2 and 3.

Mission Description: Good detailed write up.

Grant Mission Dialog: Good dialog with a clear mission task location.

Mission Task: Good clear mission task with location.

Mission Entry Prompt: Nice and simple mission prompt.

Gedoru Cor Orbital Space: Good map design and the dialog was well written.

Gedoru Cor Colony: Great map design with one exception. You should set up another respawn closer to the actual fighting takes place. The fights were hard but well put together. Just a side note, all the Romulans in the back ground are moving in synch. Not a glitch I just thought it was worth noting.

Gedoru Cor Orbital Space_: Another well designed map and the dialog was very well written. The fighting was well balanced and a good fight.

Gedoru Cor VIII: A well designed map with well written dialog to keep me intrigued. The fighting was a good balanced fight. In the Romulan dialog it refers to “Orion intrustion” which should read “Orion intrusion.”

Rull Brace 4883-Gamma Belt: Good map design and dialog.

USS Frontier Ready Room: Good map and the story dialog was well written. You did a great job. In the dialog regarding the Orion’s acting under duress, “Bru’kar” is referred to as “Bru’tar” I believe it was the first dialog box.

---------End Report----------

Thanks for authoring. You did a great job and I look forward to playing the other mission in this series as well as any future work you undertake.

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