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Hey folks, there's a lot going on in Lotus Fleet RP... Come check it out!
  • Starship RP

USS Lotus
S2, E4: TBD
The Lotus is restaffing and being refit with the newest, best technology available in 2410!
Ship Crew Required: Executive Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operations Officer

USS McKenzie
S2, E3: Devil in Disguise
The McKenzie crew attempts to infiltrate a group of fanatics, the Horizon's Children that threaten Lotus Fleet, the Federation, and the entire galaxy!
Ship Crew Required: Chief Operations Officer

USS Artemis
S1, E4: Romulan Paradox
The Romulans try to create a past in which the Federation doesn't exist and the Artemis journeys into that past where the Borg have all but destroyed the Romulan Empire!
Ship Crew Required: Fully Staffed

USS Spectre
S1, E3:Ancient Artifacts
Chasing after a cloaked Klingon ship, the Spectre finds itself on Earth in the year 2011.
Ship Crew Required: Chief Tac/Sec Officer, Chief Medical Officer

USS Alsea
S1, E5: Echoes and Whispers
The Alsea must determine what the Klingons are doing near the Azimuth Horizon and stop them if necessary.
Ship Crew Required: Chief Medical Officer
  • General RP

Lord of the Rings: The Blue Fellowship
A stalwart fellowship in the Second Age 1699, led by Pallando the Blue, journeys from the elf port of Edhellond to Lindon, clearing the way for the forces of Numenor to help shift the tide of war in Northwest Middle Earth.

The Ressurection of Icarus
A new Star Trek RP outside the normal Lotus Fleet Starship RP.

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