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10-17-2011, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by Korhil
If you consider an extra +1 power in all subsystems a "unique property in combat" I think you are confused. The new Elite Force shield does it, the breen energy dampener, borg tractor beam and power syphon all do the same thing just a lot better.
Is unique, yes, beacose I cant use it with my Sovereign.

Originally Posted by Korhil
I just have to ask what is it that makes the Excelsior OP? Cant be the turn rate as there are klingon cruisers / battlecruisers with better turn rate, and it cant be the BO layout because there are klingon ships with better BO layouts.

The fact that has more turn rate, same amount of console slots and devices, and the same hull that the rest of the Starfleet Cruisers. That make the Excelsior the best assault cruiser in the Federation, and you want to buff it even more???
And lets not talk about the BOFFs slots..

Originally Posted by Korhil
So we have no combat based special ability like every other ship in the game is getting....
What? What did the Sovereign or the Star Cruiser get? You have the extra turn rate! If you donít like it, donít use it!
If you want to change the turn rate for a unique power, go ahead, ask Cryptic for that. But is one thing or the other.

Originally Posted by Korhil
Yey. This makes everything ok right? Because the Intrepid doesnt have more turn than the other science ships and the defiant doesnt have more turn than the other escorts. Oh wait....
You not even knew about STO ships. The Luna has more turn rate than the Intrepid, and the other Scie ships have less turn rate, but MORE HULL!
Excelsior has more Turn rate and the same hull than the other cruisers!

Originally Posted by Korhil
Oh and the Excelsior does have slightly less hull than the other cruisers.
No, it does not! It has 39000 base hull, same as the other Starfleet Cruisers!

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