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# 1 New STFs
10-17-2011, 03:37 PM
Leading or participating in STF is my favorite thing to do in Star Trek Online. Love every one of them and love them even more when they are bugged for a few weeks due to a patch or whatever it adds something a little different to the mission, something you canít prepare for.

I remember the first time I went on Infected, I was so nervous and was told ďThis mission can take some time, so be prepared for a long mission.Ē ďYesĒ was the first thing that came out of my mouth after hearing this due to your standard mission usually only takes 5-15 minutes to complete.

Over the next few weeks and months I learned the STFs and how they worked and we were able to get our completion time down quite a bit. But a lot of this was due to nodes being removed, bosses and groups being Nerfed. STFs used to be a challenge, but after the Nerfings they have become extremely easy to complete.

The other day I was finally ready to test out the new STFs on tribble and was looking forward to what the developers had in store for me. First my friend tells me she would like to do the Cure space part first and I reply "I havenít do Infected yet" and she replies "you donít need to, you can do whichever one you want to do." and "they have split the space and ground into separate missions, so we can do which ever part we want first or last."

After being told this I wondered to myself wonít this mess up the story line, how can I do the Cure before Infected? Oh well I thought to myself maybe they are just letting people test all the parts and the only way to let them test all the parts is by splitting it up.

Cryptic please tell me you will be recombining the space and ground portions into one mission and also plan on having to complete one (Infected) before the other (The Cure).

As I get ready for the STF I learn that we no longer need to meet at the system, but now we can just enter the STF thru the PvE Que and we donít have to go thru sector space or even enter Gamma. Doesnít this potentially have a chance of damaging the already hurting social atmosphere in Star Trek Online?

When we first warped into the Vorn system it felt weird because I was warping into the system not just from Sol Station but from just standing next to the Exchange on Sol Station. We entered the Vorn system the first thought to myself this isnít Star Trek this reminds me of the games at my local festival grounds with its bright lights and mini games like whoever can hit the center target wins a prize.

From my first experience of the new STFs I do not like the way you are going with them, they seem like you are trying to make them into mini games.

Cryptic if there is no way to talk you out of the way you are going with these STFs at least please give us the current Holodeck STFs to play with as well, basically gives us the option to do the new or old version.

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